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Texting is in, talking is out. I like to talk. I text because the people I know will not use their cell phones to talk. I guess they do not have the talk plan. Many have got rid of theirĀ land lineĀ and they do not email anymore…outdated, I was told. Therefore, I am coerced into texting. I do not follow the rules of texting. Texting does not realize emotions. If you forget to put the emoticons at the end of your text it might be perceived as if you are mad, indifferent, etc. It has happened to me a few time.

Oh my word…I do not understand your short abbreviations of what should be a complete sentence, having a subject and a verb. I majored in English/Literature and I do not use the right grammar or syntax in writing or speaking…duh (interjection). Yet, you want me to know the rules for texting. Go figure!

I am told people no longer use email to communicate. HEY! Tell that to the people that email me. My email box runneth over. I feel if I delete any email I might miss some small piece of information I should be using or that it may prove valuable later. The filing cabinet in my head keeps pushing the information further and further back. Further or farther, I am not sure. I think they are interchangeable. I can’t retrieve it. No! Snapping my fingers do not help me to recall it.

The bottom line is this: Call me and let us chit-chat for a while. Or if you must text me, let it be to tell me you are coming by to have some tea or coffee, or that you just long to see me. Oh, the emoticons were purposefully omitted. If you find this blog amusing, smile were appropriated. If it angers you, growl where appropriate and for those that have no feeling about it what-so-ever, then you know what to do. However, I hope this blog have you “ROFL”!

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