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I am a D.I.Y. person. Lack of money necessitate that I learn how to do it myself. I go to free seminars and sometimes I pay for classes if the price is right. Sometimes you do have to pay the piper. I say this in jest.

Back in 2008 I applied for a patent. Of course, I did it myself! Do you know what a patent attorney charge? They charge an arm, leg and your first born. I bought a book, Patent It Yourself, written by a Patent Attorney David Pressman. Well, it appears I am going to need some paid assistance. The Patent Office has sent my application back/rejected several times. The latest rejection was last month for the claim. To make a long story short, as if that’s possible, ha-ha, I gave up (I hate using that word). It sounds like defeat. I went to a Patent Attorney, Mr. Manny Pokotilow, one of the top patent attorneys and they are going to help me out. And no, I cannot afford them! I met with Mr. Manny yesterday in his Philadelphia office, he is very nice. Oh, guess what? He is a personal friend of David Pressman…wow!

As I mentioned before sometimes you do have to pay for services. I want to give a SHOUT OUT to a wonderful woman, Jessica Kupferman. She gives me discounts and helps me with all of my social media issues. Thanks Jessica. You are a badass. jess@badassbiz.com

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