On A Personal Note

Posted on 26. May, 2011 by in News

We disconnected for a week. Well, not totally, we had our cell phones just in case…

Hello to all. We took a little vacation in the Carolinas. We had a cabin that slept 8 (only us 2) located at Lake Moultrie. The edge of our backyard was Lake Moultrie which is the 3rd largest lake in SC covering 60000 acres. It was hard to tell were the lake end and the beautiful blue sky begun. The area was pristine-like, beautiful and captivating. We had our own private beach. To get to our cabin we drove through tall moss-hung oak trees that lined both sides of the street. The area is also known for its fragrant magnolia trees. It was hard to leave such a beautiful place, yet we are back.

P. S. We did take our gameboards including Biblical Trek.

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